Proxmox Bare Metal Provisioning / Remote Unattended Installation using FAI

What is Remote unattended installation? Remote unattended installation means installation of remote server without any human interference. This process is very useful for bare metal provisioning, automated installation on multiple servers, etc. What is Proxmox? Proxmox is debian based OS, which provides Virtualization Platform like VMware. What is FAI? FAI is a non-interactive system… Read More »

Migrate Linux VMs from XEN (SolusVM) to KVM (Proxmox)

Migrating CentOS Linux installed Xen instance to KVM is really tricky. This note contains one of the way to migrate. Here I have used SolusVM for Xen based instances and Proxmox for KVM based instances. PS: This will work with Linux Only. For eg. I have used CentOS6 linux Click below link:

Setting up Self Healing Tomcat

This note contains step to configure Self Healing environment for Tomcat. We will configure Daemontools to monitor Tomcat service and if tomcat crashes, DT will start it automatically. Daemontool will make sure that tomcat service is running. OS -> CentOS-7 64bit Tomcat Version -> 8

MySQL incremental backup on S3 Storage bucket

Steps to take incremental backup of MySQL database and upload it on S3 bucket: Check this link:

Basic steps to Secure Tomcat 8

Please Click Here or below link for Basic steps to Secure Tomcat 8